The Panther's Paw

Building the Blue Brigade

Story by: Anahy Barron

September 11, 2019

Looking back at the summer of 2019 at summer band camp on August 7- August 11 of 2019 band students attended band camp at Lone Star, Texas. They went to camp to learn Friday night football game marching drills and snap drills.   “My favorite part was learning to be a more disciplined person...

No More Sunsets For The Panthers

Story by: Brody Barnhill

September 11, 2019

  Summer, a time when you can play football from sunrise to sunset. But not anymore thanks to the UIL regulations about practice time. Springhill panthers change their two-a-day practices August 5, at Panther Stadium. UIL has added an acclimation period so that athletes are able to acclimate ...

A Chance For Something New!

Story by: Tyra Tatum

September 11, 2019

  This summer at Spring Hill was hot and full of change! From a new superintendent, to new coaches, to new band directors, to even new teachers. Panthers are taking theses changes head on and ready for new opportunities this school year. From the hot humid summer practices to work in the classroom our Pa...

Can You Dig It?

Story by: Maddie Kennedy

September 8, 2019

This summer Spring Hill High School volleyball had a big change. They received three new coaches. With two a days they worked super hard with the girls to make them better athletes, putting in timeless hours. Everyone is very glad to have them and they have improved the volleyball program so much. We ...

Time is Ticking

Story by: Mi'asia Arceneaux

September 8, 2019

Memories, beautiful pictures, and family time: three things that can never get destroyed. Over the course of summer 2019,  Longview and Houston residents created those memories, pictures, and family time by traveling across America and other countries to spend time with family all while getting away f...

Panthers at Pinecove

Story by: Whitney Gauthier

September 8, 2019

Every summer, over 40,000 boys and girls choose to spend a week of their summer at Christian Summer Camp, Pine Cove, in Tyler, Texas swimming in the lake, learning about Christianity, playing games, meeting new people, and doing everything in between, making for a notable week each year. “I like absol...

Travelling to Distant and Nearby Places

Story by: Rose Schoonbeck

September 8, 2019

Panther summers were well remembered because of the events within. Whether that be going out of state to see new wildlife or just going and spending time in the water.   Panthers left the school year of 2018-19 with the intent of having a good time and that’s exactly what they did. May t...

Snacking Our Way Through Summer!

Story by: Micah Socoteanu

September 8, 2019

Summer gives you a lot of downtime to chill, hang out, but also to eat snacks to your heart’s desire. According to Fox News, four out of ten people in America spend about fifty dollars on snacks every week. Although it may not have been widely discussed, many Spring Hill High School students agree...

Pack, Pride, Purpose

Story by: Janna Socoteanu

September 8, 2019

 Painful! Intense! Scorching Hot! These are some descriptions Spring Hill students used to describe workouts called Panther Maker. Panther Maker is a summer workout for students playing in sports from seventh to twelfth grades. These workouts were three days a week from 8 to 10 a.m in the months of Ju...

Spinning With Heart

Story by: Madalyne Kirby

September 8, 2019

The sound of the music echoes the gym, while the numbers they count ramble through their heads. This is what the 2019 High School Twirlers and Flags go through to prepare for football season. In the summer the girls practice to entertain your community. This summer the Spring Hill Twirlers and Flags ...

Moody returns home to his roots

Moody returns home to his roots

Story by: Gracie Sist, Staff Writer

September 8, 2019

Change is inevitable as we live and grow; change is not always easy. But Spring Hill High School's new band executive thinks this change, the Blue Brigade getting a new director and Spring Hill gaining a new Fine Arts coordinator, was meant to be.  Change is often really just a matter of choice, and this life of...

The Truth About Summer Jobs

Story by: Krista Pleasant

September 6, 2019

Students in Longview, Texas over the summer of 2019 express how having or not having a job affected them over the summer. “With working two jobs I still had a lot of time to go do things with my friends,” senior Hayden Milam said. “And had the money to go do whatever.” Having a job seems...

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