Football Award Ceremony


A few select members of the varsity football team were recognized this morning during first period. These boys have put countless hours into this team and their hard work and dedication are now being awarded. Among those being recognized are seniors who have been with the team since their freshman year. Cameron Webb, DL POY, Gavin Amerson, OL POY, James Henry Thomas, Fighting Heart Award and All-State Academic, Nic Alexander, APEX Predator Award, Favor Otujor, DEF MVP and All-State Academic, Tony Natera, OFF MVP, Ashton Thomas, All-State Academic, Kaden McFaul, All-State Academic and Brennan Ferguson with WR POY, team MVP, and All-State Academic. The juniors that were presented with accolades were Brooks Hill, LB POY, Emory Allen, SEC POY, Jax Stovall, Backfield POY, and Jose Delacruz with ST MVP. The only sophomore to be awarded was Carson Tidwell with SEC POY.