Unmasked and Flying High

After a season filled with multiple performances under the Friday night lights, competitions, and hours upon hours of practice, it all accumulated to one specific date, Friday, January 14. That Friday marked the state competition for the Spring Hill cheerleaders. The sendoff took place the Thursday before their competition, as students from the high school stepped outside to cheer on the bus full of the Lady Panthers as they made their way to Fort Worth. This trip wasn’t just about competing, but also bonding for the team.

“It was great, I loved experiencing it all for my second year. I got to see what it was all actually about, because last year it was all different due to Covid,” sophomore varsity cheerleader Victoria Rumley said.

The ongoing pandemic made it an almost completely different ball-game for cheer last year. However as the world slowly but surely makes it way back to normal, cheer got to experience the full state experience. The ladies were able to have fun and go out, getting to hang out with friends within the team, and make newer bonds that will last a lifetime.

“My favorite moment of the whole trip was bonding with Mrs. Blalock and the team the night before competition,” senior varsity cheerleader Rylee Noon said.

Around 10:45 in the morning on that Friday, the cheer team were set to perform. They went in there with their heads up high and looking to give it their all.

“I feel that we did the best we’ve ever done in prelims and could’ve done better in finals but given the circumstances of a teammate getting sick, we did the best we we possibly could’ve and I’m super proud of that,” Rylee added.

Cheers filled up the room as it was announced that the team would be able to compete in finals. However the ladies would have to overcome adversity again as a few of the members of the team would get sick. Throughout it all the cheer team was able to rally together and place 14th in state. This achievement would mark a big milestone for cheer, as with that placing they became the only athletics team in Spring Hill to place in state this year.

“My favorite moment was hearing our names being announced to go to finals,” Victoria said.

While everyone on the team got to experience the whole thing as a whole, this moment might be the most important for the seniors. The seniors that have stuck with this squad throughout the years, these last moments with the team must be bittersweet. Most of these girls have spent majority of their lives in cheer, and what a better way to finish it off than placing in state.

“It was extremely bittersweet, I loved the entire trip and had such a great time and am extremely proud of how the team did,” Rylee said. “But I love cheer and love this team so much so it was pretty sad to finally close this chapter after about ten years of doing cheer.”