What is an Endorsement?

Information on endorsements

Before the Fall semester began, incoming Freshman were posed with the question, “What endorsement will you choose?” They were then given a multitude of options ranging from STEM:Math and Science to Multidisciplinary Studies. However, at the end of the course selection, many students were left with a clouded vision of what an “endorsement” actually is and how it could benefit them in the future.

The Texas Education Agency defines a high school endorsement as, “A high level of academic achievement earned by going beyond the Foundation High School Program.” In simpler terms, an endorsement is a group of classes relating to a specific subject, interest, or skill. The main goal of an endorsement is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of a topic.  This helps students entering the workforce immediately after high school to be better prepared. For those on the college track, the student will already have a  background knowledge to help them choose a major. When selecting your endorsement, you are encouraged to pick one that entails things integing to you for college or career choices. This allows students to make good use of their time.

Spring Hill High School offers all 5 state endorsements: STEM, Business and Industry, Public Service, Arts and Humanities and Multidisciplinary Studies. Each of these endorsements put you on a four to five year class path schedule that you will follow throughout high school. Many of the endorsements require math and science above and beyond the Foundation requirements necessary for graduation in the state of Texas, including Advanced Measures and Performance Indicators that include college level classes. For example,  in STEM Mathematics you are required to have five years of math, either doubling up your junior or senior year, or beginning algebra I in eighth grade. The  Arts and Humanities Endorsement requires students to take all four years of either Art, Theater, Digital Graphics/AV, or Band. The Public Service Field requires 4 years of  Health Science classes. The Business and Industry Endorsement requires one to take a combination of the Architecture and Construction; Arts; A/V Technology & Communication; Business Management and Administration; Finance; Hospitality and Tourism; Manufacturing; and/or  Advanced Journalism.  The Multidisciplinary Endorsement requires 4 years of study in each of the 4 core content area subjects and 4 years of courses the student elects from any of the other Endorsement Areas.

Overall, the Endorsement process is similar to deciding a college major while still in high school. The state requires each student choose and endorsement path prior to graduation. This measure taken by Texas is intended to make ALL students either college or career ready.