November Teacher and Panther of the Month

Ties to Journalism and True Dedication


Each month, a Spring Hill High School student is recognized by our faculty as, “Panther of the Month.” To be nominated a student has to stand out to teachers for being a helpful panther in our community. SHHS takes pride in our students and faculty that go above and beyond to demonstrate the good qualities that we are taught everyday on The Hill. The November student and faculty Panther of the Month was awarded to Junior Shailyn Higginbothan and Journalism teacher Amy Blalock. 

“I was nominated by Mrs. Blalock,” Junior Shailyn Higginbothan said, “She said I am hard working and dedicated.” 

It is interesting to note that Shailyn is a student trainer, part of the yearbook and newspaper staff, and has her own section in our school paper, “Coach’s Corner.” 

“Always work hard even if you think no one is watching,” November Panther of the Month Shailyn Higginbothan said.

 Shailyn’s advice to her peers who might want to be nominated as the next Panther of the Month is nothing but stellar.

“I’m not certain specifically who nominated me,” November Teacher of the Month Amy Blalock said, “But I am hopeful that it is in recognition of my dedication and hard work to this community and building school spirit.” Are you starting to see the ties to dedication and being nominated? It is really refreshing to see two hard working individuals who work together tirelessly to make sure every panther in our community feels heard and seen. 

“My advice is to keep doing what you are doing,” Journalism teacher Amy Blalock said, “There is not a single teacher on this campus not worthy of the nomination.” 

Blalock has always made it a point to encourage her students and co-workers, whether that be by helping out with almost any function held by Spring Hill, or making at least a million graphics for panthers weekly. 

“Everyone at Panther Nation works hard and I am grateful to be in a culture that recognizes hard work,” Blalock said. 

As always, Mrs. Blalock works day in and day out to keep our school together. 

“Keep doing what you are doing and know that it is not in vane,” November Teacher of the Month Amy Blalock said, “ I promise that students, parents, and the community all see you shine.”