High Hopes for Hoops

Coach Taylor High attended Girard High School in Girard, Kansas. He went to college at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. After he graduated college, he coached at Dodge City Community College, Pratt Community College, Texas Women’s University, Grand Canyon University and the University of California, Riverside. This is his first year as head basketball coach and high school World History teacher at Spring Hill. Coach High said his role as a coach is to, “Help students grow as players and get the most out of their talents.” When I asked him what his inspiration to be a coach was he responded with, “My dad coached college basketball for 30+ years, never saw myself doing anything but being in a gym.” High noted that the best part about his job is, “Spending every day in the gym working at basketball.” In our opinion, the most important question out of all the questions we ask is the one about the quote, because coaches have the best quotes of anyone you’ll ever meet and this time is no different. This is the quote that Coach High answered with, “We all have fear but the key to success is that your trust is bigger than your fear.” -Author unknown.

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