Bookmarks the Spot : “Books-a-Million” Vs. “Books & Barrels”

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Flipping from page to page and sitting on a couch just drinking some coffee, it’s every reader’s and writer’s dream when looking for a great bookstore to do it at. I have been to the two best bookstores in Longview, so let me tell you what I think. Everyone knows one of the most famous book stores in Longview is the one and only “Books-a-Million” that also has a cute little cafe and gifts.  It is a great place to read and relax and they seem to have every book ever written and even sell merchandise. Even though all those things are great they are so overpriced. The cafe is amazing but the customer service is awful, I guess the lady must have been in a bad mood, but other than that it is a great place. Another one of my favorite book spots is “Books & Barrels”. It is so cute, with little places to read and chat. Not only is there art nights for kids there is also a poets night for adults and teenagers. It is a great place to hang with friends and eat ice cream.  Even though I love both of these great book places I have to say Books & Barrels. It is an affordable and great place to eat, talk and eat.