Halo on an Infinite Rise : Halo Infinite Review


Photographer: Xbox, Microsoft, 343 Industries

photo copywritten by Xbox 2021 Game Pass

After a disappointing release with Halo 5, 343 Industries went back to the drawing board, looking to give the fans what they wanted. After a 6 year wait, Master Chief and the Halo franchise is back with the latest release, Halo Infinite. Halo 5 and Infinite are consecutive entries into the Halo series both sharing a genre but with different game-play elements and micro-transaction depth and price, as well as their ability to add to the Halo legacy. I say that Halo Infinite pulled off these aspects better than Halo 5 did and will continue to add on great things, long after the release. Infinite and Halo 5 both were different approaches to the FPS genre while Halo 5 stuck to the diverse and extra mobility that was popular at the time, with Infinite they went back to a more standard mobility system. Halo Infinite also brought back the abilities system from Halo Reach (2010) while, both making additions and taking away inferior abilities. The biggest difference between the two is in the depth and quantity of microt-ransactions, Halo 5 is filled to the brim with micro-transactions, some even costing more than the game itself. At $100 in comparison to the game price which was $60. Halo Infinite on the other hand is free multiplayer with a $10 battle-pass which is standard for a lot of free games nowadays. Now talking about legacy, the Halo Franchise is one of great prestige with one of gaming’s most recognizable characters in Master Chief who has been the main protagonist throughout most of the Halo franchise. Master Chief was put in a disrespectful position in Halo 5 with him being a minimal character who almost loses to a far inferior opponent. Halo Infinite doesn’t have a playable campaign as of now, but what we have seen Master Chief is back in the driver seat and will be back to his old self. When it comes to experiencing the modern Halo games,  downloading Halo Infinite seems like a no-brainer. Halo Infinite is the best of all worlds when it comes to Halo.