Panthers Fight The Good Fight Against Bullying

Bullying is a terrible thing that has combated youth around the nation, this week, Spring Hill staff and students have come together to raise awareness. Through Monday, October 18, to Friday, October 22, many activities occurred to help anti-bullying causes. These events ranged from positive writing with sidewalk chalk to sitting at new lunch tables. 

“I feel that the anti-bullying activities this week have gone very well, and I believe they will only get better and better each time we do this,” senior student Ethan Myrtle said.

Positive feelings have been felt all throughout the week at the high school. Students have been working together for the right cause. These positive engagements are in great contrast to the negativity that comes with bullying. As bullying affects a large amount of people everywhere.

“Bullying is a horrible thing that should not happen to anyone under any circumstances,” senior student Morgan Foster said.

Unfortunately bullying does happen, however that does not mean people can’t do something about it. Students here at Spring Hill have realized that, and have given out many responses to what they can do to help against bullying.

“I’ve always come up to them and offered them ice cream to make them feel better,” senior student Abby Cook said. “Because even though I’m not a strong girl I will protect them with love.”

Abby isn’t the only one who has a plan to help students in need, as there are many other students that have formulated plans to be there for others.

“I always stand up for people who were being picked on,” Morgan said.

Spring Hill has been able to put the word out this week through various methods. There have been flyers and announcements that have been made highlighting this week’s cause. Multiple graphics have also been produced as well. 

‘Spring Hill does an excellent job of raising awareness for anti-bullying,” senior student Ashton Thomas said. “We have been taught to treat others the way we want to be treated. There are QR codes set up all over school for anonymous tips, and numerous awareness posters around school.”

Even though bullying may never be completely eradicated, there can always be ways to help stop the spread of it. This week highlights the ways the Panthers have put initiative towards raising awareness for the right causes. If you are ever bullied or witness any bullying, there are ways you can inform the school so they can help. You can go to and fill out the form for help.

“I have had friends bullied, and it can be very damaging to your mental health which is why bullying has to stop,” Ashton concluded.