Welcome Back Spill!


Photographer: Owen Tipton

The Spill prepares for their grand re-opening October 18, for the Spring Hill students.

We all missed The Spill and the community that surrounds it, but after a year of patience, it finally came back around for us to enjoy on October 18th. Students are currently enjoying everything The Spill has to offer. From drinks, to snacks, to the relaxing and de-stressing environment, the reopening of the Spill has been exactly what we have all been waiting so long for.

“I really missed going in every morning and buying tea,” Senior Owen Tipton said, “It was something I looked forward to every day.”

Now that the Spill is back, students can frequently enjoy all of the positive aspects of it that they missed for so long. 

“I think The Spill provides a space to destress and connect with people around Spring Hill who are gathering there,” Junior Micah Socoteanu said, “It allows people to enjoy a treat while connecting with other students.”

Just as Micah said, The Spill provides such a positive environment for the students at Spring Hill, as well as serving treats and snacks to them. The Spill offers a variety of these snacks, ranging from caramel frappuccinos to flavor blasted goldfish. The diversity of their snacks allows The Spill to cater to the students’ favorites and specific preferences.

“I love their brownies!” Senior Addison McQuitty said, “They provide a great start to my mornings.”