The Effects Of Bullying

Being made fun of, being left out on purpose, and being pushed around. The issue of bullying can bring along effects that are significantly deeper than what is expected. Almost everyone has seen, experienced, or felt the effects of bullying in their life. It is important to understand how bullying can hurt someone. October is bullying awareness and prevention month. In order to spread awareness to the students, the teachers at Spring Hill presented to the students an anti bullying video, revealing to the students the reality of the issue. Teachers also promote anti-bullying by reminding the students to think about or pray for the students that are being bullied during the daily moment of silence.

“Bullying can cause someone to feel insecure about themselves,” Junior Anahy Barron said. “And can make them feel less than others around them.”

Someone who has experienced bullying can end up feeling unmotivated, unworthy, and simply not enough. This is not how people should feel about themselves.

“Remember that the motives behind bullying usually result from personal insecurities within the mind of the bully,” Junior Micah Socoteanu said. “So remember that it is not a matter of what you’re worth, but a matter of the situation of the bully.”

Together, we must do our part to stand up against bullying. If you witness or experience bullying, report the situation to the office. The school has taken measures to prevent bullying when possible, and to provide a safe way to report it.

“The Bully Box is a great way to anonymously report bullying,” Senior Addison McQuitty said. “You don’t risk yourself in the process because of the fact that your name is not given to the office.”

Bullying is unnecessary, unreasonable, and does not make you look cool. The faster we put and end to bullying, the faster we can have an ideal school social environment. 

“If we put an end to bullying and the unnecessary verbal and physical abuse, the school will be a safe place again,” Micah said. “I hope someday in the near future that everyone at Spring Hill and other schools around the world will be finally able to comfortably come to school to learn without fearing for their safety.”