Panther’s Connection to the Field

The inside look on how our panthers are unique


Wide receiver Brennan Ferguson #10, celebrates his team’s touchdown against Brook Hill. Friday September 3, 2021.

The Panther’s News Room has been examining the ins and outs of some of our unique panthers. These panthers are referred to as “The Missing Piece”, because they contribute to making us all connected. This week’s Missing Piece is Senior, Brennan Ferguson. Brennan was the varsity football team’s quarterback last year, but has since been switched to wide receiver and defensive back. 

“I get to help the team in a lot of different ways that I couldn’t last year,” Senior and wide receiver Brennan Ferguson, said, “So it has been better for me and better for the team.” 

Brennan has proven to be a leader on and off of both the football and baseball fields.

“Yes he is a great leader, from his practice habits to just the way he can interact with his teammates,” football and baseball coach Jacob Juneau said, “He knows when he can be funny, but more importantly he knows when to be serious.” 

Ferguson has his own way of being a student leader.

“I just try to remain positive no matter what, and set a great example for my teammates.” Ferguson said. 

Brennan has had a very successful athletic performance for every sport he has played and has proven to be more of an asset to his team as wide receiver and defensive back. But the question of his career being carried into college was still up in the air.

“So far I don’t plan on doing sports in college,” Ferguson said, “But in the future if any school or coach wants to talk to me or anything like that then I would be open to it.”