Circling Back to the AlamoDome


Photographer: Amy Blalock

The Blue Brigade plays Starships for the Twirlers and Flags on September 10.

The Blue Brigade has high hopes for continuing the winning legacy at State this year, despite the loss of many Seniors in 2021. Underclassmen and other doubters are skeptical, but many are firm believers. This year the Blue Brigade will not only be competing against military marching bands, but corps as well. They will also only be judged by corps judges, who don’t usually judge military bands. This makes it more difficult for the band to compete. Because of this, the doubters have been spreading their thoughts throughout the school. 

“It’s not as big and a lot of people left,” Former two year member of the Blue Brigade, Carson Coleman said, ” the band is just not as passionate about it anymore.” However, there is still positivity inside of the Blue Brigade.

“I have full faith in the ability of the students in the Blue Brigade.” New band director, Kirk Wells said. He has been loving his new job so far, and he is excited for the band to work their way towards state. 

“It’s been so refreshing to come to a district where the students are so receptive and enthusiastic for upholding such a high standard as the Blue Brigade,” Wells said. Head Drum Major, Haleigh Yoder has full confidence in the Blue Brigade as she and her Assistant Drum Major, Addison McQuitty lead the band. 

“I am not nervous for the competitions this year,” Drum Major, Haleigh Yoder, said, “because the work ethic of all the upperclassmen involved is just really consistent and it allowed the underclassmen to step up and follow the leader’s examples.” Since the seniors in the Blue Brigade are the only ones in the band who have experienced what it is like to march in the AlamoDome at state, Senior and Trombone Section Leader, Thomas Pecot had some advice for the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen who haven’t made it that far in their band careers yet. 

 “Listen to the people that have been there and work hard.” Pecot said. The assistant drum major likes to spread good vibes throughout the band, to counteract the people who are skeptical.

“I just try to keep a positive attitude,” McQuitty said, ” I love encouraging the underclassmen.”