A Good or Bad Journey Through The Mind? : Reminiscence Movie Review


Photographer: IMDB, Warner Bros., Lisa Joy

Reminiscence Movie Poster

Establishing an unique setting and concept for a story is one thing, how you lay out and tell the actual story and its plot points is a whole other thing. Luckily for Reminiscence, it is able to succeed in both areas. This PG-13 Sci-Fi thriller was directed and written by Lisa Joy and was published by Warner Bros. The movie was released on August 20, for theaters and HBO Max users. This story follows private investigator of the mind Nic Bannister (Hugh Jackman) as he and his longtime friend and war buddy Emily (Thandiwe Newton) run their business that helps patients relive past memories through the works of futuristic technology. Set in the near future in a grim alternative world where the tides have risen tremendously, leaving most of the world almost submerged, clients come to Bannister to relive better memories. Bannister’s life is unexpectedly changed as a new client Mae (Rebecca Ferguson) goes missing. He becomes obsessed with the missing client and tries to hunt down her whereabouts, leading him to unravel all sorts of truths and surprises about her. With an 1 hour and 53 minute playtime, Reminiscence keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. As there is twists and shocking revelations around almost every corner. This movie is also benefits extremely by excellent acting by Hugh Jackman, as he gets to show off incredible range and is amazing in this movie. Reminiscence is a movie that develops an unique setting and premise and backs it up with incredible storytelling. This movie is an absolute recommendation for all thriller and mystery lovers. So go out and see it in theaters or if you have HBO Max, watch it on there.