One-Act Play Students Receive Accolades


Photographer: Julya Socoteanu

Carson Wallace, 10, Emma Shelton, 11, and Abby Newsom, 10, won awards at One-Act Play

Last Friday, the Theater Department competed in a One-Act Play competition hosted at Chapel Hill. The schools competing were Spring Hill, Chapel Hill, Bullard, Kilgore, Henderson, and Cumberland. 

Spring Hill students performed a unique interpretation of Alice in Wonderland set in a psychiatric hospital, directed by Aprill Riley. The goal was to provide a sense of familiarity using a common tale but also demonstrate something new.

“One of the major themes was defying social norms,” Sophomore Camron Feliciano said. “Not just victorian era norms, but also modern ones.”

Although the group didn’t advance, many students received awards and honorable mentions. sophomore Abby Newsome was recognized in the All-Star cast, junior Emma Shelton was recognized in the All-Star crew, and sophomore Carson Wallace received an honorable mention.

“Emma is primarily responsible for putting together our set, making key design choices, and ensuring the safety of the actors,” Riley said. “Carson is a wonderful actor, he projects well and works really hard on the notes he’s given. Abby works so hard to show her character’s thought process. She’s always up for a challenge.

The group has been preparing for about four months, rehearsing in and out of class, and working relentlessly to perfect their show.

“We practiced stage movement like choreography, floor work, and began flexibility training. Students learned to roll like a ball on the floor, dance, characterize animals, speak with greater vocal dynamics, project adequately at all times, and improve enunciation in difficult material like The Jabberwocky,” Riley said. “I’m proud of their efforts and some of them really blew me away on stage!”