Prom Posters Contest

Most schools hire graphic designers to design their prom posters and shirts. Here at Spring Hill DIM teacher Laura Jordan challenges her students to be creative and make up their own designs after being given the theme of prom. This year’s theme is “An Enchanted Evening”. What encourages the students to be as creative as they can is the contest that is involved with this. The school board votes on the prom poster they like the best, and the winner receives $100 and a free prom ticket. 

This year’s winner is sophomore Micah Socoteanu. After working for about two weeks on his design and hoping his poster would be picked, the prom committee congratulated him on Monday and he was ecstatic. “I’m glad I won,” sophomore Micah Socoteanu said, “It was a really good experience.” 

Since the winner receives $100 and a free prom ticket, Micah can only receive the $100 since he is not a junior or senior. “I am trying to give the free ticket to my sister, who can actually go,” sophomore Micah Socoteanu said, “The prom committee said they would work on it.” 

Micah’s design was very creative and original and there was no doubt he would win. “I think I had a good vibe to it,” sophomore Micah Socoteanu said, “I think it looks really neat.”

DIM teacher Laura Jordan has been working at Spring Hill for 26 years. She has been assigning the prom poster contest since 2013. “I like the designs of students who like to think outside of the box and use the most advanced administrator,” DIM teacher Laura Jordan said. 

Micah should be very proud of himself because this was not an easy project. “The project was extremely hard,” DIM teacher Laura Jordan said, “ They have to use their imagination to create it.”