Record Degrees°

Story by: Abby Wallace, Academics Head


Longview achieved a new record freeze last week when the temperature went down to -5°. The last time Longview had a new record freeze was in 1930 when it got down to -4°. Because of the heavy snow that measured its highest at 11inches, and the dangerous ice, all of our classes were canceled on all campuses for a week. 

Many people had their water pipes burst, no power, no water, and no groceries. Most of the stores are still out of milk because the people who were able to drive stocked up on everything they could find in the stores. 

“We didn’t have water in my house for four days,” senior Bailey Ratcliff said, “My sister and I were melting snow to flush the toilet.” Because of our unpredicted staycation, many people like Bailey and her sister could not get help for their house during the week. 

Other people had to bear through the dangerous roads because they had to. “My wife was on call and I had to load her and my daughter up in the truck and take her where she needed to go,” Chemistry and IPC teacher Jacob Juneau said, “ It was honestly fine though because I was bored and getting out of the house made me happy.” 

Many sports games got either canceled or rescheduled for later dates, which is why there have been so many athletic students missing school this week to make up for lost time. “We had to leave school early Monday and Tuesday for soccer, and I still have a lot of work to make up,” freshman Michael Coggins said. 

Even though we were all mostly snowed in and had to deal with no water, power, or necessities, most of us were still able to get out in our yards and have some fun in the snow. “I played in the snow with my younger brother and sister,” junior Dylan Murdick said, “We made a snowman and named it Griffin the Snow Dude.” 

The new record freeze was one to remember. The question is, will the next new record be in 91 years?