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What SHISD Counselors wish you knew


Photographer: Lexi Smith


The first week of February is proclaimed National School Counselors week by The American School Counselor Association (ASCA). The association supports counselors in promoting student success by expanding the image and influence of school counseling through leadership, advocacy, collaboration, and systemic change. ASCA helps school counselors guide their students toward academic achievement, career planning, and social/emotional health. In return, school counselors guide students on their campus. However, there are a few important things that the Spring Hill ISD counselors wish students knew so that their job could be executed more effectively.

Use this time in High School to learn all you can about different fields”

— Mandy Jameson

“College acceptance begins on your first day of kindergarten! “ High School Counselor Allison Williamson said. “Becoming a great student doesn’t happen your freshman year. Habits of a dedicated student are developed over time.”

Bowles added that students are always very surprised when they receive their first transcript. Important news from Bowles: The freshman year really does matter! Not only does it matter, according to Childers appropriate attitude and work ethic begin long before high school choice selections.

“While the high school career begins the first day of 9th grade, students should enter into Kindergarten working on the kind of student they need to be in order to be able to reach their goals,” Childers said. “There are many roads and avenues to be traveled to reach your end goal (whatever that may be) and often the hopes of attending a certain school are unrealized right out of high school because the student did not perform how they needed to perform all throughout the school.”

There is good news, however, according to Childers. Bad choices do not mean students can’t realize dreams. It just may look a little different than originally planned. Junior High Counselor Mandy Jameson reiterates the importance of exposure and career exploration, reminding students of certifications and work experiences for the future.

“Use this time in High School to learn all you can about different fields,” Jameson said. “Then narrow your focus as you decide on a college or trade.”

Perhaps following the philosophy of Childers is the best way to succeed.

“My philosophy is that you are the habits you have developed over time,” Childers said. “A good student is not made overnight but developed and honed throughout their entire educational career.”