Fruits of their labor

SHISD school counselors prepare ALL for success…even their own


Photographer: Amy Blalock

Paige Childers happily works to fix student schedules for the new semester in February,

Fall 2021 will begin a new chapter for the graduating class of SHHS 2021 as they embark on their life after high school graduation. Counselors play a vital role in helping students make decisions about their future. It is a role that counselors Mandy Jameson, Allison Williamson, and Paige Childers all admit is both rewarding and challenging. This year that task proves especially significant in that all three of these ladies have a personal investment beyond dedication and loyalty to the school. All of them have a personal child graduating in the Class of 2021.

During the week of February 1-5 more than 100,000 school counselors nationwide will be recognized and honored for their efforts with schools hosting special events and activities to call attention to the countless benefits of a comprehensive school counseling program to celebrate National School Counseling Week 2021 (#NSCW21), “School Counselors: All In for All Students” At Spring Hill High School that celebration will include a look at this unique situation, having a graduating senior. All three agree that it has been a blessing to spend these formative years in the same school with their children, but they have unique experiences and bittersweet memories.

This year is extra special because Whitten Bowles, my son, will graduate with two of his cousins, Hadleigh Childers and Colby Bowles”

— Allison Williamson

,” counselor Allison Williamson said. “ All three are thirteen year Panthers and come from a long line of Spring Hill Graduates!”

Rather than playing the role of “counselor” to Whitten, this year Williamson is focused on her most important role as “mom”.

“ It has been a joy watching them grow up together along with many of their classmates that started school together at School for Little Children when they were two (Marshall Bodenheimer, Drew Bassett, Taylor White, Carson and Brody Barnhill, Hadleigh Childers, Colby Bowles),” Williamson said. “ I am super proud of Whitten and can’t wait to watch him walk across that stage into the next chapter of his life!”

Spring Hill focuses on community and family as part of the school motto: “Family. Together. Stronger”. This is true of Williamson and Bowles as well, since they not only share a responsibility to the whole high school, but they are family- literally- making this year extra special all the way around, according to both.

“My daughter, Hadleigh, and my nephew, Whitten Bowles will both graduate from SHHS together,” Paige Childers said. “Both come from parents (Class of 90, Class of 92, Class of 94) and a grandmother (Bubbie-Class of 1963) who attended SHISD for their entire 13 years of school. I have watched not only my daughter but her fellow classmates grow up together and it is exciting to see what the future may hold for them all.”

Jameson has been a parent to a senior before. But this year, it is different for her. Karsyn Henry is Jameson’s youngest child, the last to leave the nest.
“Karsyn is my last child at home,” Jameson said. “ I am so proud of her and I am grateful I am able to work at the same school district she attends.”