The Future Decided

On Friday, December 11, The Supreme Court denied President Donald Trump’s attack on the election system. The ruling practically ended Trump’s campaign to stay in office after he lost the election to President Elect Joe Biden in November. Trump argued that the census should only include residents of states, not immigrants.  This would change the number of electoral college votes in many battleground states and possibly flip the outcome of the entire election.


“The case was a big one,” Junior Owen Tipton said. “Our country’s future was all but decided.”


The case has been quite controversial, with people on the Republican side arguing that the court’s decision was incorrect and should be flipped.


“There was evidence showing Biden supporters putting ballot after ballot into a bag to mail in, which is voter’s fraud, “ Sophomore Zen Estrella said. “That alone should have made Trump win, and I feel like he was wronged in the case.”


On the other hand, many feel that the election results were fair and that the supreme court handled the case perfectly.


“I think the Supreme court made the right decision,” Sophomore Camron Feliciano said. “There’s some fraud on both sides in every election, but It’s never enough to sway the end result.


Despite diverse personal views across the country, The decision has been made, Which all but assures Biden his presidency.


“Now that it’s over, there’s no reason to worry about it,” Tipton said. “ No matter how you feel the election went, the results are in and it’s time to move on.”