A Surprise Attack Gone Viral; Results In Drastic Decision

Story by: Dylan Murdick, Head Newspaper Editor, Sports Editor

UIL officially handed out the punishment to Edinburg ISD on Monday, after their Senior defensive tackle laid out a surprise attack on a referee in the Edinburg playoff game. This UIL decision has resulted in Edinburg head football coach J.J. Leija receiving a public reprimand and was put on probation for the 2020-2021 school year.  Another result from this decision was that the entire Edinburg ISD athletic program received a public reprimand and probation for all sports for two years. Senior defensive tackle Emmanuel Duron, the person who attacked the referee, was arrested and charged with assault, as well as being suspended from all UIL activities for the remainder of the rest of the 2020-2021 school year. This decision would be rather controversial with many people believing it to be too radical to punish the whole athletic program, the decision has also left many dumbfounded.

”It’s crazy, to see how that one incident led to all of this,” Junior Ashton Thomas said. Thomas would also add that it was extremely immature for the athlete to do that to jeopardize his team’s success in the playoffs. While this controversial decision has left student athletes all around shocked, it has also provided a great example for them as well.

”I would never put my team in that spot just because I was upset,” Junior Tony Natera said. “I mean you see what happened with literally the entire school’s athletic program, why mess all of that up, and also why mess up your future because of that,” Natera added.

Texas High School football was sent into a shock after the attack on the referee, and was delivered another shock with the UIL’s decision. The viral attack has left extremely detrimental repercussions for Edinburg ISD. UIL had to make a decision, whether or not people feel as if it’s right or not, a decision had to be made.