A New Class Layout

Amy Blalock has been a teacher at Spring Hill High School for three years now, and has taught yearbook, journalism, and newspaper, coached cheer, and is even The director of Spring Hill’s UIL. This year, she’s taking her contributions a step further with a new class: Graphic design.


“It is a class meant to incorporate journalistic integrity with communication skills and the 8 principles of graphic design,” Blalock said. “Due to my experiences with graphic design, photography, and years of creating the yearbook, as well as my 15 years in marketing, I’m qualified to teach design.”


Graphic design is now being taught in her Journalism classes to further prepare students for yearbook.


“The composition of pages in the yearbook is very important,” Yearbook editor Julya Socoteanu said. “We always have to make sure they follow a set of design rules.”


Jobs that need this skill include creative director, production artist, marketing specialist, logo designer, and web designer. In Dallas, a graphic designer makes an estimated $29k – $72k every year, according to ZipRecruiter.com.


“We want to make sure our students are ready to enter the workforce,” Blalock said. “[They] need experience in graphic design, and that’s what we’re offering with this class.”


Studying graphic design is a skill that can be used in a wide variety of jobs and also for personal life.


“This class helps with all kinds of technology based skills,” Senior Kennedy Croom said. “I’ll be able to apply them throughout my whole life.”