Twirling Revolution


Graphic By: Abby Wallace

For as long as the twirlers and flags have been a part of the blue brigade, the twirlers compete at UIL every year. If we make A One then we advance to state that is usually in Austin, in May. At state, if we get A One then we letter and it is a huge achievement. Last year, although we made it to state, we did not get to attend the competition in Austin due to COVID. Pine Tree High School is hosting the competition again this year on November 7. We will be performing our group routine at 9 a.m. and Freshman, Claire Iltis will be performing her solo at 10 a.m. This year, our sponsor, Andrea Jones, hired our choreographer to come in and make a new routine that is harder than our usual field routines, and is really fun for us to perform. We were able to combine two of our field routines, and “beef them up” so to speak, to make them more crowd appeal. We will be doing our new routine to “ Kill the Lights”. This was a fun and new way for us to have a better chance to make it to state this year because we have never had our choreographer make a routine of the harder skill level. 

We are all very excited about UIL this year. “ I am excited to do my solo, but with every performance, there’s always a bit of nervousness” Freshman, Claire Iltis said. We are all extremely proud and excited for Claire to be performing her solo in hopes of making A-One. She will be doing a three baton routine to “Feel it Still.” In the past, most freshmen have not advanced to state but Iltis is an excellent twirler who never disappoints. My first year being captain has been an honor and a really fun season so far. The girls make it so easy to be captain and make me love it so much more. This year we only had four twirlers so out of pure curiosity we asked them if they had enjoyed being on the line.

“ Of course with COVID my experience on the line has been different, but overall it’s been a good experience,” Freshman Claire Iltis said.

“ Being on the line this year has made me work hard and have fun” Sophomore Blythe Davis said. Thankfully they have all enjoyed it so far, so hopefully, the line will be more than just four next year. 

There would be no possible way for our line to be this bonded and put together without our wonderful sponsor, Andrea Jones. She has been the sponsor for three years now but was a Spring Hill Majorette when she was in high school. “ I was a twirler for two years in high school and went to state both years.” Twirl and Flag Sponsor, Andrea Jones said.

Ms. Jones is very excited for us to be competing in the UIL contest. We were very intrigued to see if she thought we would make it to state.

“I think y’all have an excellent shot at making it to state,” Jones said, “All four of you are hard workers and have put forth the practice time, even outside of group practices to get better. Even though we have a small twirling line this year, you all have a great attitude, work well together, and work hard each week to give your best performance.” 

We hope that we have a smooth performance on November 7 and that we all advance to state. Overall, we are very excited and grateful to have the opportunity to compete at UIL this year with all of the uncertainty in our world. We will be rooting Claire on while she is performing her solo in hopes that she advances to state.