Cheer On!


Photographer: Laura Borens

The Spring Hill Cheerleaders pose for a picture at a pep rally, forever dreaming of the state competition in January.

The Spring Hill Cheer team is well-known in our community for being a staple at all of the Panther football games. What many people do not know, though, is that they’re also on their way to perform their hearts out on the state level in January, attending a fierce and loud competition to take home the winning title. 


In previous years, the cheerleaders have stunned at this competition, winning a place of 17th out of all large and small 4A schools last year alone. With fear of COVID-19 ruining it all in the upcoming months, the girls are following strict mask guidelines in order to maximize their chances of being able to attend the event in January again this year.


No matter the challenges, these girls remain the pillar of our school and community by working to keep a positive attitude despite the new regulations and issues they face due to the virus. Co-Captain Peyton Borens details the specific aspects of the competition that make the extra work so worthwhile.


“Winning is great, but it’s really going off the floor after finally reaching our peak and knowing we did the best we could that brings us together as a team.” Senior Peyton Borens said. “They changed the layout of the competition already due to the virus, so that is somewhat stressful. However, I know our hard work is going to pay off.”


The 2020 school year has started out a little rough, but that does not put a damper on any of the cheerleaders school spirit. Similar to Peyton’s opinion, Co-Captain Taylor White discusses how the Coronavirus outbreak has impacted their team’s dynamic.


“It’s sometimes difficult whenever we’re stretching and warming up having to wear a mask, and it’s sometimes hard to enforce the rules. It’s kind of unfortunate, but once we start going it’s not too bad.” Senior Taylor White said.


Keeping what is at stake forever on their minds, each member of the squad has a distinct opinion regarding the competition, even with the new difficulties mentioned by Taylor. A freshman in the 2019-2020 school year, Demi Ferguson remembers the feelings she had when stepping up on the stage last year for the first time.


 “Competing at state was a super surreal experience! It was full of nerves, excitement, and lots of fun. Even though I was a freshman, my teammates made me feel included and needed, which was very comforting! State was awesome, and I can’t wait to go back to the mat this year with my girls!” Sophomore Demi Ferguson said.


The performance Demi describes above was one of great pride for the entire cheer team and community, as the girls did extremely well. We hope they make it through the season safe and healthy, with strong COVID-free lungs to scream for the Panthers at state in 2021.