The Pacesetters Winning Dance

D1 Title


Photographer: Laura Borens

Pictures is Christina Thomas, senior, Najah Jackson, senior, Julianna Jones, senior performing the arabesque on their home field for the Panther crowd.

Nikki Fulps

The Pacesetters, under the direction of Nikki Fulps, will show off their award winning dance routine at the last home game. The Pacesetters have worked and danced hard to prepare for this competition. They have an amazing captain, Najah Jackson, helping lead the victory for her final year. They won a D1 title and to say these girls were excited is an understatement. “To learn that we received a division 1 rating and won best team prop was so exciting! All of our hard work paid off in that moment. My favorite part would have to be the very beginning. As captain, I was so proud of everyone. This was definitely one of my favorite highlights of my senior year.” , Najah Jackson, senior said. She has been dancing since she was 3 years old, and is now 17 finish her dancing career with a D1 title. From another perspective, “This dance was by far my favorite dance we have worked on. As a freshman, and it being my first year on the team it felt amazing getting a division 1 rating, and best team prop. We worked so hard! My favorite part, is the part where it looks like we are playing air guitar, and it goes on beat with the music it’s so much fun to do.”, Hallie Allen, freshman said. Her high school dancing career has just taken off with a great start.

Captain Najah Jackson, senior lead the D1 Pacesetters into the Panther Stadium to perform. (Photographer: Amy )