Presidential Positions from Panthers

debates and differences

Biden will seeks to win the Presidential election for the Dems and Trump seeks reelection for the Republicans.

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Biden will seeks to win the Presidential election for the Dems and Trump seeks reelection for the Republicans.

As the election gets closer and closer, the American people are getting more anxious about who becomes our next president of the United States. Anxiety comes from the clash of opposing views about the promises of a better tomorrow. So, whose ideas will make America great? Who will bring our divided country together? That depends on who you ask. The opposing views of the two presidential candidates, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, are being interpreted by the people of our nation and our school very differently.

Joe Biden says he plans to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour from $7.50 per hour. Is this a good idea, The premise is that it will empower the minimum wage worker with more expendable income to put back into our deflated economy. Spring Hill students are not sure about this plan.

“We don’t need to raise the minimum wage,”Junior Ben Puckett said. “Our economy can’t afford it because of the virus going around.”

But the idea of more money in the wallet is appealing to some.

“$15 an hour?” Junior James Henry Thomas said. “That’d make my life so much easier.”

According to Pucket people are not identifying the trickle down effects that would be associated with the increased salary. This could potentially make employers hire less workers, go to animated services, and cut people to part time employment which would lead to a cut in benefits such as insurance. Thomas says that more money is more money. He feels that, especially people his age, will spend what they make. If they make more they will spend more. This would help places that are struggling, especially locally,

This is not the only issue that elicits varying responses from Panthers. Biden states that he will enforce masks to slow the pandemic and hopefully stop the spread of COVID-19. Biden feels that President Trump and the Covid Task Force have not mitigated the spread of this virus nor protected the American people sufficiently. Trump states that the media and democratic hopefuls are putting fear in Americans as a propaganda technique to force economic shut downs and a Republcan turn over, even to the point of suggesting mail in ballets will be fraudulent and election results will be compromised as a result.

“These masks don’t do anything but make it harder to get through the day.” Senior Colby Bowles said.“Our principal had his mask on all the time and he still managed to catch it. At this point, I stopped wearing a mask unless a teacher catches me without one.”

Not everyone shares Bowles’ opinion.
“If everyone kept their masks on, there wouldn’t be so many cases,” Junior Hunter Jacobs from Longview High School said. “I want this virus to be over with, and it’s frustrating that Trump won’t put more into the Coronavirus situation.”

Another issue that students have a strong opinion about is the gun laws and restrictions that Biden may put in place if he becomes president. While Trump has prohibited some attachments on assault weapons, like semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns, Biden plans to almost completely ban assault weapons.

“That’s (the Biden plan) the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” Junior Easton Ballard said. “What about people who have spent thousands of dollars on guns for hunting? What are we supposed to do without a gun? Are we going to go back to the stone age and throw spears with flint tips at the deer?”

Others have different experiences and thoughts about weapons and guns in general.
“Hopefully Biden’s plan will keep my friends off the streets and stop them from getting killed,” Junior Key’Anna Graham said. “We’ve lost a lot of good people over the last few years from gun violence. It’s really unacceptable.”