Does Spring Hill Know About Civics?

In Spring Hill we have a very diverse way of thinking and multiple different views about the issues going on in the world today. While we are blessed to see students have differing opinions, do we truly know what we´re all talking about and what our rights are? The students interviewed have chosen to remain anonymous, but we will be diving into the thoughts of our student body here at Spring Hill and see what it means to truly be a good citizen of the United States of America.


 ¨Being a good citizen of the United States means to participate in projects and help to raise awareness towards the different issues going on in the world.¨ said the anonymous student. Of course everyone knows that 2020 has not been the year we all expected and multiple devastating things have happened around the world. While we all have different opinions on all these situations, it is our jobs as citizens of America to educate ourselves and help to make a change in this world. 


Being a civil person is a very crucial part of being a good citizen of the United States. When asking a few members of the student body here at Spring Hill High School, most explained that they didn´t know what civics were or that voting was a part of that. Voting is a huge part of being a citizen, but sadly most people in America don´t believe they have a voice.


Students were also asked if their parents voted. ¨My parents do not vote because they believe that the candidates aren’t fit for the position of President of the United States,¨ said one anonymous student. 


This has been the reply of most individuals who are of age to vote. We as Americans are blessed to be able to vote and rally for who we want as a leader, and this privilege is being overlooked by civic ignorance and not understanding the true importance of a vote. Your voice does matter, so we as Americans that their voice means something for the future generations. 


¨Ï hope that more people will go out and vote for the betterment of our country,¨ said a student interviewed. Election Day in the United States is on November 3rd 2020. Always remember that your voice matters and to campaign for the changes that you want to see in the country.