Stretching Our Options

Exercise science is the study of body movements that contribute to human health and fitness. It’s a study that can lead into a large number of jobs and careers. Spring Hill High School is offering a class this year called exercise science and wellness. It prepares students for their future if they want to go into that field.

“It’s for kids who are interested in physical therapy, nursing dietetics, and athletic training,” Trainer Katie Billingslea said. “It’s a great hands on experience because we let them actually work with us.”

Continuing study in this subject can lead to a wide variety of jobs and careers, including Physical Therapist, exercise specialist, personal trainer, and fitness center director. 

“I’ll be educated in the basics of nutrition and sports medicine for any careers I dream of pursuing,” Sophomore Shailyn Higginbotham said. “I really like our projects that we’re doing along with our assignments.”

Mrs Billingslea is teaching another new class this year, Sports Medicine. This class also prepares students for physical therapy related jobs, which is why it’s a more hands on class. 

“I want to go into the medical field in sports, like an orthopedic surgeon,” Junior Mia Trailer said. “It’s a good class that will teach me the skills i’ll need to use in college.”

Both classes provide students with the skills that they’ll need if they go into this field, and is a tool that should be utilized.


“This type of class can lead you into anatomy and physiology, but it’s fun,” Billingslea said. “It’s not just bookwork all the time and most of the students are really good friends and are forming lifelong friendships.”

Coach Billingslea helps Michael Marrs off the field during the Gilmer game on October 10. (Photographer: Amy Blalock)
Morgan Foster and Neveah Noorfleet fill water bottles during the Gladewater game in September. (Photographer: Amy Blalock)