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Andrea glows with health with her daughter, Molly, by her side

Winning the Fight

Andrea Seale tells her story of struggle and survival.

October is not just about wearing pink. It is about finding a cure. As of January 2020, more than 3.5 million women in the US have been diagnosed with breast cancer. That averages 1 in 9 females.

Andrea Seale, mother of two Spring Hill students, Molly and Bryan, is a breast cancer survivor. In March of 2015, at the time of the breast cancer diagnosis, Mrs. Seale was a high school administrator at Lumberton High School. Andrea’s biggest concern was not only for her life, but for the lives of her family.

“Every aspect of my life was affected. I have three children and so my first and main concern was how it would affect them and my husband.” Andrea Seale said.

But, Seale is a fighter. She is now cancer-free. But, it does not make her worry-free.

“I was still leery, you know, am I really cancer-free?” Seale thought. “ Is this day really the day I don’t deal with cancer ever again? So it took me a little while to wrap my head around that.”

This courageous mom has the opportunity to be cheering at Molly’s varsity volleyball games and at Bryan’s junior high football games due to her successful treatment and resilient attitude. But, others are not as lucky or fortunate. Seale is a survivor.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Survivors and families of survivors celebrate while those going through treatment receive support from their communities.

“Breast Cancer Awareness Month, took on a whole new meaning when we talk about early detection, and we talk about listening to your body.” Seale added.

Roughly 6 billion dollars are raised every year in the name of breast cancer. This money goes to treatment, finding a cure, and helps aid in the research of breast cancer.

Mrs. Seale did her treatment at MD Anderson, a specialized cancer hospital in Houston. Throughout Mrs. Seale’s journey at MD Anderson, she described the ladies she met as “some of my dearest friends,” and “lifelong friends.” She added “It’s been a tremendous blessing, meeting people along the way at MD Anderson. I cannot say enough about the caregivers and doctors there and I’m so thankful that that was the place I chose for my treatment.”

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. (Photographer: Andrew George)
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