Can’t Mask Changes

Snapchat ‘ghosts’ users


Photographer: Brayzi Lynch

Snapchat Updates Ap

Updates are scary for people
Snapchat has launched their biggest update on 2020 and is introducing new ways to improve communication as long with better options in the navigation tools like the snap map explore tab which provide the user to easily access and see what is happening in places around them also and their friend locations with the story included. Contain lens voice scan and many other options which will really help you in a lot of ways to navigate through all stories and Snapchat options. Many people think that this improvement Snapchat has made is not good enough because it has changed all the navigation tools around and placed them in different locations. some of the Spring Hill students gave their opinion about the new update and this is what they have said.“On first place, Snapchat is not my favorite social media but eventually I love the new update”
“The new update does not have a lot of interesting functions this time, the main thing I like about it is that the options of the bottoms are pretty accurate and more spread which allows you to access too many things really easily. The new Snapchat update should probably be better. The order the bottoms go is a very different way than the one we had before, I actually do not like where the map goes this time but I like the way it looks,” said Freshman Megan Moore.