Activision releases a new call of duty game.

Activision, a famous video game publishing company, Is already planning on releasing a new game called Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold war making it the first Black Ops game since October 2018. Although the new game is out and available to play it’s only out for PS4 as a beta build and not the full game. You can preorder the Standard Edition of the game for both PS4 and Xbox One for a price of $59.99 or you can get the cross-gen bundle which allows you to play with people from different consoles for $69.99 or an ultimate edition for $89.99.
I asked Jacob Gerfen what he thought about the new cold war game and he said ¨I don’t think the cold war will reach the height and height of success that modern warfare once had or has at the moment. But I think it will be a good game.” Whether or not it will reach the same heights of Modern Warfare did last year, is up to the consumers. However, Activision will release a game that will give you and your friends hours upon hours of fun once the full game is out.

Hoops there it’s not

NBA 2K21 Disappoints Consumers


Photographer: Zailey McGee

Play Station vs XBox: Both are compatible with 2K21 and other sports games.

The next best thing to actually being on the hardwood is playing the game, but after another flop of a release week, starting on September 4, 2020, filled with bugs, server issues, and microtransaction based play.
NBA 2k21 is down 37% on sales and the reasons are quite obvious. The purchasing of VC(virtual currency) has become a problem all too familiar for the 2k community.
“Buying VC is too important and if you don’t buy it you feel like you are behind and have to spend hours catching up” freshman AJ Mayers said.
Even long-time fans and basketball enthusiasts are fed up with the constant neglect to the game and the community.
”Even though I’ve been playing 2k since 2015, I don’t have faith in them anymore to fix their problems” sixth grader Logan Thomas said.
The lack of attention to the game has caused its downfall and lack of sales. There is a shortness in staff which can cause confusion and games not being prepared for release.

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Can’t Mask Changes

Snapchat ‘ghosts’ users


Photographer: Brayzi Lynch

Snapchat Updates Ap

Updates are scary for people
Snapchat has launched their biggest update on 2020 and is introducing new ways to improve communication as long with better options in the navigation tools like the snap map explore tab which provide the user to easily access and see what is happening in places around them also and their friend locations with the story included. Contain lens voice scan and many other options which will really help you in a lot of ways to navigate through all stories and Snapchat options. Many people think that this improvement Snapchat has made is not good enough because it has changed all the navigation tools around and placed them in different locations. some of the Spring Hill students gave their opinion about the new update and this is what they have said.“On first place, Snapchat is not my favorite social media but eventually I love the new update”
“The new update does not have a lot of interesting functions this time, the main thing I like about it is that the options of the bottoms are pretty accurate and more spread which allows you to access too many things really easily. The new Snapchat update should probably be better. The order the bottoms go is a very different way than the one we had before, I actually do not like where the map goes this time but I like the way it looks,” said Freshman Megan Moore.

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