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NBA 2K21 Disappoints Consumers


Photographer: Zailey McGee

Play Station vs XBox: Both are compatible with 2K21 and other sports games.

The next best thing to actually being on the hardwood is playing the game, but after another flop of a release week, starting on September 4, 2020, filled with bugs, server issues, and microtransaction based play.
NBA 2k21 is down 37% on sales and the reasons are quite obvious. The purchasing of VC(virtual currency) has become a problem all too familiar for the 2k community.
“Buying VC is too important and if you don’t buy it you feel like you are behind and have to spend hours catching up” freshman AJ Mayers said.
Even long-time fans and basketball enthusiasts are fed up with the constant neglect to the game and the community.
”Even though I’ve been playing 2k since 2015, I don’t have faith in them anymore to fix their problems” sixth grader Logan Thomas said.
The lack of attention to the game has caused its downfall and lack of sales. There is a shortness in staff which can cause confusion and games not being prepared for release.