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New updates from Apple

Apple Bites Off Big Technology

Introduction of Coding for Common People

On September 16, 2020, Apple released its iOS 14 update for their iPhones introducing ‘Widgets’ in their update. The users of their iPhones have taken a liking to the new update.
“I think the new update is very cool and stylish,” freshman, Uziel Puente said. “ I really like the new widget feature.”
Seems like the new update is having a positive impact on their users. They enjoy using it and especially love the new widget feature.
“I would definitely recommend it to people who have iPhones to install the new update,” Puente said.
Though only Apple’s most recent iPhones can install this update, it is highly recommended. The new feature is a good way for people to learn a little bit of simple coding.
“I wouldn’t change anything about the update,” Puente said.“Although, I wish the minimizing screen feature worked on YouTube.”
Guess there’s not much about the update people would change. They like the new update features and creating widgets could be very fun to some or just a way to pass time.

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