Photographer: Kyle White

Friday is early release for HS at 1pm.

Conflicting Calendar Crisis

Students thought vary on time changes to schedules

The new calendar and schedule affect the day to day life of Panthers. (Photographer: Kyle White and Kaylen Dowdy)

The only person that likes change is a wet baby!
Covid 19 has brought so much change to the classrooms, school days, and the school year of 2020 as a whole. Spring Hill HIgh School has changed its schedule in order to provide teachers with more time to help the students online. Every Friday, High School students are getting out at one o’clock for the rest of the 2020-2021 school year. Teachers have more work placed on them because they are having to deal with in-class students and virtual students. It makes it difficult because online students cannot engage in the same kind of classwork that the students in the classroom are doing. Students have mixed feelings about the new calendar crisis.

“ I personally don’t like it very much,” senior Julya Socoteanu said. “I think getting out of school early on Fridays will be fun, but maybe not worth the longer days the rest of the week.”

Starting early the rest of the weekdays still has benefits for other students.

“I am excited about it because I can come home before practice(volleyball) and I can get food before practice,” athlete Sarah French said.

Some students are excited about the change because they can have more time to prepare for after school activities.

Sophomore Austin Bonner said, “I like it but I don’t like how the classes are longer and it affects me because I have to get to the school even earlier now.”

Students are not liking having to get up earlier, but they are excited to have the early release. This schedule change will take time to get used to but it will benefit and help students and teachers in the long run.

Panthers have plans for early release

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