Photographer: Levi Simmons

The Spill Logo is displayed on the shop storefront,

Caffeine Chaos

Changes at t

Student employees at the high school’s coffee shop hit the ground running with the delayed opening on October 2nd due to COVID-19. As COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of school, the spill has had difficulty with the current changes such as a new menu, online ordering, prepaid cards, and paying on PayPal.
“COVID-19 has greatly affected the spill,” said Alford, “You would definitely assume things would have to change, and they did.”
The Spill has had a variety of changes since last year. They went from in person purchases, to complete mobile ordering and pre-pay.
“COVD-19 has changed how the stores run and students can no longer go into the spill due to COVID-19.” Alford added. “ We’ve created QR code so that we have a better system of giving people their orders.”

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