Photographer: Levi Simmons

Coach Alford stands ready to tackle her first year at The Spill on October 6.

Michael Buckley and Chris Decker

The drip on The Spill

Students give feedback on process and product

“ My favorite drink is the chocolate frappuccino,” Michael Buckley said.

So, what’s yours? The Spill, SHHS coffee shop opened on Friday, October 2. Teachers made a trial run at the new on line order system for a soft opening on September 30. Students have mixed reviews about the new “Spill” Covid protocols.

“The process is slow due to the limitations on the number of people based on the new rules,” freshman Dustin Yelverton said. “But I do like the Caramel Frapachino and the service is nice.”

Other customers think the process is fine, especially freshman who did not know the other process since they were not on campus.

“It was easy to order,” freshman Trinity Holcomb said. “But, it is time consuming until you get the PayPal set up.”

The Spill gave sample drinks to Mrs. Kincy’s third period class and there was a variety of feedback. Students were given the Caramel Frappe. Four thought it was great, two did not care for it, and two found it “ok”.

The Spill takes orders during the first 15 minutes of first-third and seventh period. Take the poll here to decide your favorite drink and which “sweet treats” you would like to see served.

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Caffeine Chaos

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