Game 5 Highlights HOCO

The Spring hill Panthers showed Bullard who is the better panther on the night of September 25,2020 as they secured the win in OT 27-24 at home

Despite being 10-21 at halftime the Spring hill Panthers powered through into to the 3ed and 4th quarter.By the 3ed qurater Spring hill caught up to Bullard 24-21 thanks to drives by sophmore Davaunte Powers.But in the 4th quarter Bullard ties the scores up setting the game into overtime. Sophomore Jose De La Cruz scored the 37 yard kick which lead to Spring hills victory.

The Pacesetters, The Pack, The Trainers, The Blue Brigade, and the Varsity Cheerleaders all participated in the home field event that leads to the 3ed win in a row for Athletic Director Weston Griffis.

This week there is no game scheduled

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