Swinging the Hammer

New Coaches bring New Culture


Photographer: Amy Blalock

Spring Hill Coaches are more than just teachers, they are developing a culture of family and fellowship.

Story by: Dylan Murdick, Head Newspaper Editor, Sports Editor

This year Spring Hill introduced plenty of new coaches to the staff, as they all have joined ready to make an impact for Spring Hill athletics. We are extremely happy to have these coaches on our staff now, we can’t wait for a bright future ahead of us with them. These new coaches are: Matthew Byrant (Offensive Coordinator / O-Line), Michael Davis (Inside Linebackers), Michael Gain (Assistant Football / Full Backs), Robert Henderson (Defensive Line / Special Teams), Keith Johnson (Running Backs / Freshman Basketball). “The guys that I hired are not just great coaches, they are great men,” Athletic director Weston Griffis said. Coach Griffis was very positive about these coaches when asked about them. “These guys share the same vision and beliefs that I do, it has been a fantastic start with these new guys,” Griffis continued. Coming in and buying into a school’s different culture may be tough for some, but to the newly hired coaches, it’s been actually the opposite. “They have bought into the culture here and show up to work every day and Swing The Hammer,” Griffis said. The motto around here at Spring Hill is to “Swing The Hammer” and all of these coaches have outstandingly done their part to “Swinging The Hammer”. It’s most certainly a bright future ahead for us here at Spring Hill.

Donanvan Tenison swings the hammer as the Panthers hit the turf in Gladewater ready to take on the Bears on August 28. (Photographer: Amy Blalock)