A Look From Off the Field

Story by: Lexi Smith

The football players and coaches definitely work hard for the Friday night spotlight, but there are also some very important sideline players that contribute to Friday Night Lights, especially the Student Trainers.

“The energy is nice, especially when the boys are winning. Although it gets a little off when the boys start losing,” Student trainer Morgan Foster said. “But the energy is always very high and things move very fast, it’s very rewarding.”

Student Athletic Trainers are under the supervision and guidance of Head Athletic Trainer Katie Billingslea and Assistant Athletic Trainer Derek Reed. Trainers make sure athletes are hydrated and safe for all of their games and practices. It means getting here early and staying late. The homecoming game is no exception.

“The Homecoming game is always exciting, you get to see all the organizations come together,” Foster said. “You see all the girls in beautiful dresses, and overall it’s just a great night to show our Panther Pride.”

Morgan, alongside the other 9 Student Trainers have seen some crazy things happen on the field from different injuries to hard hits on the field.

“I’ve watched some boys get flipped up in the air and that was interesting,” Foster said, “But I am new and there hasn’t been anything too crazy yet besides some slight injuries.”

Trainers are more than “The kids who hold water”. These students take care of hundreds of our Spring Hill athletes and ensure they are taped up, hydrated, and ready to go for their seasons. But also, they cheer on and form a special bond.