PACK-ing the Stands


Photographer: Julya S

The Pack cheers on the football team at the first football game on August 28, 2020. Photographer: Julya Socoteanu

The Pack dresses up in camo to promote their spirit at the game in Gladewater on September 4, 2020. Photographer: Julya Socoteanu

After months of being stuck at home, The Pack is back in the stands and bursting with spirit. Led by juniors and seniors, students from every grade unite under the Friday night lights. Their goal is to stand as proud leaders promoting spirit. Set aside from the rest of the crowd by their face paint, bold colors, and enthusiastic screams, the Spring Hill student section brings life to every game. The Pack is led by this year’s Pack leaders: Brantley Coggins and Ben Puckett. “The Pack reveals how the school is interconnected. Every student interacts with one another,” Senior Brantley Coggins said. “Even if someone is not on the field playing, they are still involved in the game. Especially at homecoming, we represent our school’s spirit.” Along with the rest of the members, Brantley is looking forward to cheering on the football players, band members, performers, and those working on the sidelines at homecoming. As Brantley said, The Pack embodies panther pride, and homecoming is made complete with the shouts of the students. In addition to their multiplied spirit, another aspect of the Pack brought about by this uncertain time are students from other schools. Due to other teams’ games being postponed or canceled, students from nearby high schools are attending games to cheer on the panthers. “We don’t usually have this many people from other schools here. I think it shows how much we value football games and the high school experience. Games unite students rooting for the same team, even if it’s not their team. We all just want to enjoy football season,” senior Grant Fisher said. The Pack is ready to amplify spirit at the homecoming game on Friday. Be on the lookout for their school colors,