Pacesetter of the Week

Pacesetter of the week of September 7- September 11.


Photographer: Julya Socoteanu

Saydi Spivey and the pacesetters walk to the bleachers on September 11.

The pacesetters pick a new person each week to present the pacesetter of the week who has gone above and beyond to show their dedication to the program. “When I heard my name being called, I felt a rush of joy run through my body,” freshman Saydi Spivey said. “And it really made me feel accomplished for all the hard work I’d done to prepare for my performance.” The pacesetters felt that Spivey showed her dedication and commitment by showing up and giving her best. “I think I got pacesetter of the week because of my motivation and hard work,” Spivey said. “I try to look at the positive side of things during any situation occurring.” The pacesetters also look for a positive attitude when picking the pacesetter of the week. “My favorite part of being a pacesetter is the teamwork,” Spivey said. “For years I’ve wanted to be part of a team and pacesetters made that possible for me.”