The Panther Press is in the News


Photographer: Amy Blalock

Julya Socoteanu and Bailey Ratcliff receive the certificate of award from Neisha Simpson.

Frustration, impatience, and worry describe the 2020 Panther Press staff. Why? Yearbooks were anticipated on May 15. Yet, here we are on September 9 and still no books. But, there is some good news for these reporters. Lifetouch Yearbooks, a subsidiary of Shutterfly, has recognized the 2019 book as an honorable mention award winner for schools with over 1000 students.

The theme of the 2010 Panther, Uniquely Blue, was carried throughout the book with color, content, and design applications. The book, under the editorial leadership of Alex Caron and Laney Driggers (Class of 2019), is being featured in the US and Canada as a model book for content. All advisors that use Lifetouch get a copy of a design idea book, featuring Spring Hill’s designs.

The cover design, created by Blake Everett (Class of 2019), is also being used as a model.

The staff enjoyed a cookie cake, courtesy of representative Neisha Simpson, and Chick-fil-a for a lunch meeting and award presentation on September 9.

The 2020 book has already been submitted by the Lifetouch committee to be reviewed for this year’s award.

“We are disappointed the books are not here,” advisor Amy Blalock said. “We know as journalists how important timeliness and  deadlines are to the success of a story.”

Covid 19 caused mandatory plant shut downs back in March. This caused the initial delay in production. The plant eventually reopened in May for 24 hour production, only to be put on mandatory curfew due to rioting in the area, causing further delay.

“We assure you that the books are coming,” 2020 coeditor Bailey Ratcliff said. “We just have no idea when. We will let you know as soon as we do. All preordered books are reserved.”

The current staff has already had sittings for Senior Portraits and will host other class (9-11) portraits on September 14. These will be the building blocks for the 2021 Book. Look for information about purchasing the 2021 book and a Senior Shout Out ad for graduates this September.