COVID-19 Dimming Friday Night Lights for One Week

Story by: Dylan Murdick, Head Newspaper Editor, Sports Editor

Friday night lights was supposed to be in full affect this week, as the Spring Hill Panthers were set to face the White Oak Roughnecks. However this game was unfortunately cancelled due to multiple students and athletes testing positive for COVID-19 at White Oak. Classes and athletics were postponed for 2 weeks at White Oak, which meant that they would have to forfeit the next upcoming 3 games, and 1 of those 3 games was against Spring Hill. Spring Hill was able to find another game, as a game against Graham was set for this Friday as a replacement for the White Oak game. However as of Saturday the game was cancelled as well. The Panthers will not play another game until next week as they take on Henderson. Having a big rivalry game cancelled is indeed a hit to the season, however the Panthers remain focused for the upcoming task of Henderson. Spirits have been positive all around the Panthers’ football team, as they have had to deal with new rules and cancellations due to COVID since April, so this is nothing new to them. Even though there will be no Friday night lights this week, they will be shining bright next week, so don’t be too upset, the Panthers will be back.