Marcher of the Week

The Blue Brigade marcher of the week on August 31-September 4.


Photographer: Rachel Petree

Lily Cooper and the Marching Captains pose for a picture as they present Marcher of the Week award on August 31.

“I was very surprised when I got marcher of the week,” Freshman Lily Cooper said. “Because there are many marchers in the band that would deserve it just as much as I did.” Each week the Marching Captains pick an underclassmen who has demonstrated exceptional marching techniques. “I think I got this award because I’ve given my best effort for everything we do in band” Cooper said. “I give my best effort from marching and playing to even just showing up every day to practice.” Not only is the Blue Brigade expected to practice every morning, they also show their support by going to the football games. “The band culture is amazing,” Cooper said. “I love the feeling I get when we’re all dancing and singing in the stands at football games.”