An Extra Voice in the Crowd

KYKX Joins the Panthers


Photographer: Amy Blalock

Harlan and Bob cheer on Panther Nation on August 28th at 3:30pm at the SH vs Sabine Pep Rally.

The Spring Hill student body cheered from the stands at last Friday’s pep rally. They encouraged the cheerleaders, pacesetter, and football team like usual, but this pep rally had a special twist. Radio personalities Pigskin Bob and Harlen the Sports Guy cheered and motivated all the Panthers’ clubs, specifically football. 

“It is always nice to have guest speakers,” Cheer Supervisor Amy Blalock said. “They bring a certain amount of energy that is perfect for a kick-off pep rally.”

Having these guests come out brings energy to the team that has been proven crucial to high school football games.

“Our winning percentage is 92 percent,” Radio Personality Pigskin Bob said. “We show up to a game, that team wins 92 percent of the time.”

These guest speakers not only improve the fans motivation, but it personally inspires the football players individually.

“Having people like Pigskin Bob out at pep rallies improves our motivation,” varsity player Brody Barnhill said. “It makes us feel that what we’re doing really matters.”

Spring hill does and will always appreciate the support from KYKX and their representatives, and you can look forward to seeing them in future pep rallies.

“We’ve been doing pep rallies with Spring Hill for ten years now,” Pigskin Bob said. “We’re fans of Spring Hill until we die!”