Game Day Gear

Teachers Represent the Panthers

Amy Blalock poses with Dylan Murdick while wearing his jersey before the first varsity football game of the season.

Our panther staff shows their school spirit in every classroom on game day. Teachers represent our school by wearing Spring Hill High School Varsity football players’ practice jerseys on Fridays to show panther pride. “I’m wearing Dylan Murdick’s jersey. I think it’s a very special way to allow students to recognize that teachers play an important role in their lives” Cheer Coach Amy Blalock said. “I also just love any chance to represent our school”. Many teachers are honored to wear our team’s jerseys and love to be included in all of the school spirit. “I feel honored to wear Favour’s jersey,” History teacher Emmie Drueckhammer said. “I love representing panther spirit and our amazing Varsity football team”.  Many teachers are excited to get offers from the football team members to wear their jerseys. “I’m wearing Gavin Amerson’s Jersey. I had so many students come up to me and ask if I could wear their jerseys,” English teacher Lindsay Brazell said. “It was hard to choose but I love all my students”. This is one of the great ways that Spring Hill is able to bring everyone together as we all go on to cheer on very own Spring Hill Panther’s tonight.