Quarantine Music for your isolation

Quarantine Music for your isolation

On March 19, Joey Vantes dropped a new EP with 6 songs and features 6 artists, not including Joey himself. The lyrics are bold, fun, and clean. Listening to this short project takes you on a journey with each song being unique and different. This Project is well worth listening to because of the features, lyrics, and song variety.

One of the best things about an album/project is the features. Joey Vantes did a phenomenal job here, featuring a wide variety of Artists including nobidgyl. with his chill style., Aha Gazelle pairing his rap with his melodies, and Bella Vantes (Who appears to be a family member although this isn’t confirmed). The track with the most features is Statement (feat Aaron Cole, Jon Keith, and nobigdyl.) Is a declaration, establishing the rising artists’ place in the music industry. The project also features Parris Chariz. “I love hearing other voices on a song,” student Bryce Socoteanu said. “It makes it so much more fun to listen to.”

Lyrics are the blood and breath of a rap album, and Quarantine music did a great job… for the most part. Although most of the lyrics are creative and engaging, a few are a bit weak. One song includes the line “Ayy, pick a lane, but don’t pick mine: that’s lame.” However, the lyric is surrounded by other well-written ones. Another interesting thing about the lyrics is that they’re clean. All the artists who worked on the project share the Christian faith, and their lyrics reflect that. “Quarantine is one of my favorite songs,” Bryce said. “It’s so catchy.”

Finally, the project takes the listener on a very engaging journey. The EP contains a wide variety of styles, including the emotional “Close,” the bold declarations in “Statement” and “Quarantine,” and the fun “Brown Boi 2.” No matter what style of rap you prefer, Joey gives it to you in Quarantine Music. Some songs have a heavy bass, some don’t. Some songs are emotional, some are bold. Some songs feature other artists, some are independent. This project gives you a full buffet of music. “I don’t like every song on there,” said Bryce. “Statement and close aren’t that good, but Noveske, Brown Boi 2, and Quarantine are amazing.”

Quarantine Music is not just entertaining, but relevant. There’s something fun about listening to music about current events. But this is a great project for more than that – the lyrics, features, and variety of it makes Quarantine Music a personal favorite… for now. “Listening to music about Quarantine really hits different,” says Bryce.