The Life Saver

Get Groceries While Being Safe In Quarantine


Story by: Madalyne Kirby


Many grocery stores have started delivery services, due to this pandemic, COVID-19. Kroger has offered this service to its valued customers. Kroger leads the new service, rather than most, in the delivery process, safety, and the cost of its products. Having good service is very important and will give the store a top rating. Kroger has great food delivery. They will set your groceries on your porch and have it to you in less than an hour.No matter how much or how little I get, the crew here is so great! I could have 30+ items and I wouldn’t be waiting long,” Kroger customer Holly S said.

Having your groceries safe and having no trouble with your order is a very high expectation. Kroger keeps their groceries refrigerated and makes sure all food is fresh. “I’ve never seen an expired product. The meat is fresh. The produce is fresh,” Kroger customer Lois said. 

Having a reasonable price that is affordable is very good and has top ratings. Kroger ranges from nine to twelve dollars for a delivery fee. Having curbside delivery is around five dollars. “The delivery to the door was a bit pricey but worth it. Curbside is way cheaper and still convenient,” Kroger customer Matthew said. 

Kroger is the best way to go with delivery. They have a great delivery process, they make sure your delivery is safe, the prices can be a bit pricey, but they have an alternative. Kroger always has your back. They will make sure you need what you need in unexpected times.“ Hey we’re out of flour, can you order some more from that place that delivers quickly,” Baker Lee Ann Coons said.