“Onward” to your in home theaters

“Onward” to your in home theaters

Onward is the latest released Pixar movie which skipped theatres and came straight to streaming services because of the outbreak of Covid-19. The animated film brings wizardry to the modern world which is a different style than we are used to which adds  variety to Pixar. Their actor choices for the two main characters, Ian (Tom Holland) and Barley (Chris Pratt), were exceptional choices and were appropriate for their roles. Also, the ending is not what you would expect and will be evaluated later on.

With this new style of movie, Pixar has incorporated mythological creatures such as elves, wizards, and unicorns which is a totally different style movie from Pixar.. I,  for one, am very interested in this category and once I saw the preview for Onward I immediately wanted to see it. It met every expectation that I had watching the movie. Compared to the Toy Story series, which takes place on Earth, Onward is on a whole other planet and has no connections to Earth rather than technology. Others agree that they also liked the genre change. “I think it is good that Pixar is expanding to various types of movies,” Junior Carson Barnhill said. “It adds greater variety when picking a movie to watch.”

Along with the diversity of the genre, the Onward casting agent also picked really good actors to portray the characters. Main characters Ian, voiced by Tom Holland, and Barley, voiced by Chris Pratt, did an excellent job with their role in the movie. Tom Holland’s high pitched and nerdy voice fit perfectly with the character he was portraying. And Chris Pratt’s deeper and more manly voice fit perfectly with the big brother character that he was. Others agree that the character choices did a phenomenal job. “I just loved listening to Chris Pratt’s voice,” Spring Hill alumni Raygan Barnhill said, “His voice did an amazing job being the big brother that he was.”

The conclusion of the movie was very different from what I had expected. I think Pixar did a brilliant job with resolution of the plot and how Ian comes to terms with the death of his father that he never knew, that is if he comes to terms.The ending Pixar created exceeded my expectations and really concluded the movie really well. “The ending really caught me by surprise. “Junior Carson Barnhill said, “Pixar really hit it out of the park with this movie.”

So with everything into consideration, the genre, the actors, and the ending, this movie makes it into my top ten favorite Pixar movies. I highly recommend it to anyone who is into mythological creatures and is looking for a family friend movie to watch during this quarantine of Covid-19. “This movie is slowly climbing ‘Onward’ into my heart.” said Raygan Barnhill.