This Virus is for the Birds, and Kittens too

Diving into what some of our Panthers are doing with their animals.


Photographer: Mindy Borden

Male Peacock roosts in Mrs. Borden’s trees near Longview

People like animals and hate to be in isolation. A combination perfect for adopting and fostering animals. So, the fact that animal adoptions have increased during the COVID-19 quarantine is of no surprise. According to The Harris Poll, 62 percent of Americans own a pet (in comparison to about 25 percent of Europeans). Nine in 10 American pet owners consider their pets to be a part of their family. 


Laura Borens, owner of Wet Pets and Critters in Longview has always adopted animals out of her store, but she and her daughter, Peyton also foster cats and kittens on occasion. This pandemic has them busy with bottle feeding and litter box duty. “Getting to hold and cuddle with them is the absolute best way to spend quarantine,” Borens said. “The only challenges are setting aside time to feed them and finding the right milk for them to drink


Mindy Borden, Health Sciences teacher at SHHS has been adopted by a very peculiar peacock. Yes, you read right. It adopted her. “It just showed up in my tree,” Borden said. “I had to call Bud Dunn to ask him what in the world to do. He warned there could be more coming.”